Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Embracing Hats... Why?

SO here it is,... my FIRST BLOG!

This takes me back to my youth when I designed little websites about all my favourite things, the days before myspace and facebook.

To start off with, I have always been inspired to blog because of a segment on my favourite radio station Hope103.2

And now here I am, finally starting one.


The Name: Embracing Hats.

Basically, I have always been someone who loves being of service.  I have a few qualifications, and a pretty service-filled background.  And Im often changing hats alot of the time.

While a lot of people may look at my (young) life and think Im doing too much or I am always on the go... I live a very balanced life.  I am happy and very fulfilled.  The reason I can say I am fulfilled is simply because I receive my contentment from the Lord.

This is my first Hat, and one that I cannot and willnot take off.

Hat #1 Corinne is a Christian.

in following blogs ill take the time to explain each hat... but lets just say... my aim for me personally, is to learn to fully embrace all my hats.

Thats all for now.
Hat #1 - Christian
Corinne xxoo

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