Monday, 4 July 2011

Coping by the grace of God

Well, today I received the news that two dear people to me passed away.

Firstly my Nanna (dads mum)... She was 90yrs old and a faithful member of the salvos until her husbands death quite a few years ago. She had since moved into a nursing home... And is now in her final home with Jesus.

Secondly was a man who was inspiring and a very strong Catholic!
He was (with his beautiful wife) the parent couple of the Antioch movement at Miranda for almost 20 of it's 27 (so far) years.
Terry O'Neil you are now with the Lord and Our Lady... I know your praying for your love to be comforted and to join you at home. Margaret (terry's wife) is holding on... She is the most lovable woman of God and I pray Gods embrace can comfort her at this time.

But this leaves me with a very saddened heart. Two lives left earth for their destination in heaven! How blessed are they?

While I'm grieving I still remain peaceful that they are in heaven and now interceding with the angels and saints for all our prayers.

Death is so hard for us humans here on earth. It's never easy, but it's definitely a gift being a Christian and in grieving as we have a source of hope and strength that is beyond this world.

Lord in your divine mercy I pray for the souls of Audrey and Terry.

Thank you for their gifts to me and all those lives that were touched by their existence here on earth.

Strengthen our faith in you, and let us lean not on our understanding, but in your most sacred heart!

I ask this, through Christ who is Lord forever and ever amen.

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  1. Amen..May God comfort you all..

    love leanne